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Where did you come up with the idea for "Man: It's What's for Dinner"?
The premise of that story originated from one of my college classes. The year before I graduated, I took an Introductory to Zoology class, which consisted of a lecture and lab segment. During one of my lab sessions, they forced us to dissect fetal pigs to better understand the anatomy of mammals. One of my classmates ended up making the corpse run around and dance and her partner found it funny. I found it disheartening to see that lack of respect for life and it made me wonder how they would like it if the roles were reversed. Eventually I developed that idea more and “Man: It’s What’s for Dinner” was born.
Are you a vegan / vegetarian?
Sorry, currently I am not. Living a lifestyle without consuming animal products / meat is definitely a better diet for an individual and our planet, but I have not been able to keep to that standard at this point in time. I respect those who have made that life choice and I hope my novella will inspire more people to try it, though.
What will be your next book and when will it come out?
I am working on a science fiction / horror novel titled Remnants of Humanity. The projected completion date will be in 2014, but in the meantime I will be releasing exclusive free content related to the universe of the book, which will enhance its reading experience, so please check back regularly to see what is new.
Are your photographs available for purchase?
Yes, I have just setup my photographs at www.mikebaeske.smugmug.com, which can be purchased in multiple formats including traditional prints, canvas, tiles, coffee mugs, and t-shirts. I plan to regularly upload more photographs to the site as they are taken, so please check back often.
Why do you photograph animals and not humans?
I am fascinated by the natural world and my photography tends to express it. Taking pictures of people is fine, but I don't enjoy it as much as exploring the world and catching brief moments of natural beauty.